Transportation and Facilities

Transportation and Facilities
Transportation and Facilities includes any data sets related to Gilbert’s roads, traffic, trails, bike paths, and Town-owned buildings. For safety reasons, some infrastructure information may be generalized or simplified but I’ll try to give you a heads up whenever that’s the case.

Connecting the Dots

Community Feedback: 2021 Transportation Master Plan
Gilbert is currently working on an update to its Transportation Master Plan. Using community feedback, the plan will develop a ...
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Gilbert 311 Mobility Dashboard
View requests on Gilbert 311 related to reconstruction, safety and congestion, transportation technology, redevelopment and multi-modal investment. Gilbert 311 is ...
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Water in the Desert
Water is our planet’s most precious resource. It makes up nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface and yet it’s more ...
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Citizen Feedback on Transportation in Gilbert
Gilbert is a highly engaged community and feedback about mobility has been pouring in over the last several years through ...
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Community Feedback: Ambulance Service Expansion
With Gilbert's mission to anticipate, create and help people in mind, the Gilbert Fire & Rescue Department (GFRD) proposed to ...
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Community Feedback: Transportation Master Plan
Residents are driving the future of transportation in Gilbert! We’re using feedback from the transportation survey as a roadmap for ...
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Transportation Poll
Gauging the public's opinion on transportation methods as we plan for the future of transportation in Gilbert. The way that ...
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Data Sets

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Here are the comparisons and data sets that I currently know about for Transportation and Facilities.