Community Feedback: 2021 Transportation Master Plan

Gilbert is currently working on an update to its Transportation Master Plan. Using community feedback, the plan will develop a 20-year vision for the Town’s multi-modal transportation network to better connect people and places.

Community members submitted their ideas on ways we can improve transportation at the virtual open house from February through March 2021. The virtual open house included a general transportation survey, driving survey, multimodal survey (public transit, walking, biking, trails), and a map.

View the results of the surveys below:


Thank you for helping us shape the future of transportation in Gilbert. Your feedback will help Gilbert better understand current transportation needs and challenges and what potential solutions our residents and travelers would like to see for the development of our streets, walking and biking facilities, trails and public transportation system in Gilbert for the next twenty years.

Staff is now preparing a draft of the updated plan to present to the Gilbert Town Council in the spring of 2022. Stay connected and learn more on our website: