Community Feedback: Transportation Master Plan

Residents are driving the future of transportation in Gilbert! We’re using feedback from the transportation survey as a roadmap for the Integrated Mobility Master Plan or Transportation Master Plan. 

The plan covers all forms of transportation such as pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and vehicle options and takes into consideration quality of life, economic development, and the environment. The goal is to provide mobility and access in a way that is safe and convenient while preserving quality of life considerations by minimizing congestion, air pollution, and noise. 

To help…steer 😉  decisions for this plan, we asked the community to be a part of the visioning process by soliciting their feedback in a quick survey during April and May 2020. 

We are using the results of the survey as one of the tools to help us understand how residents travel locally and which transportations options they would like to see grow in Gilbert’s future. 

We received 1,784 responses. Let’s look at what Gilbert residents had to say. 

What modes of transportation do you normally utilize?

97.5% of respondents said a Personal Vehicle is the mode of transportation they normally utilize. 23.7% said they Walk and 24.1% said they Bike

What transportation options would you like to see grow in Gilbert?

Respondents ranked the top transportation options they would like to see grow as: Local circulator service to activity centers including shopping, dining, recreation/parks, libraries (41.9%), Bike (40.6%), and Light Rail (36.7%).

Select three transportation characteristics that are the most important to you. 

Respondents ranked the top three most important transportation characteristics as: Safety (64.2%), Ease of Use (60.9%), and Travel Time (51.7%).

What amenities would you like to see more of on our streets, trails, and paths?  

The top three amenities respondents said they would like to see more of on our streets, trails, and paths are: Shade Trees (71.3%), Trails (55.9%), and Increased Lighting (46.3%).

If you travel from Gilbert to another city regularly, which city do you travel to most often? 

The top three cities respondents said they regularly travel to outside of Gilbert are: Chandler (50.5%), Mesa (38.5%), and Tempe (29.1%).

Select the reasons why you would travel from Gilbert to another city on a mode of transportation other than a personal vehicle. 

The top three reasons respondents selected as a reason they would travel to another city on a mode of transportation other than a personal vehicle are: Entertainment/Sporting Events (66.9%), Work (45.7%), and Shopping (37.4%).  

Thank you to all of our community members who participated in the survey! Our team is using your feedback to drive decision-making for the future of transportation in Gilbert. Transportation and mobility is top of mind as we prepare for our future and the next 100 years. Stay tuned as we continue to look for ways to improve the ways you get around in Gilbert.

For “Other” comments, click below to view the data set or click “Learn More” to view the Transportation Mobility Plan.

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