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Gauging the public’s opinion on transportation methods as we plan for the future of transportation in Gilbert.
The way that people get around in cities is changing quickly and dramatically. Cities need mobility solutions that are shared, autonomous and multimodal as we move into the future. These transportation systems will truly change the way we all get from one place to another. In Gilbert, you have likely seen self-driving cars and scooters on our roads giving us new options for mobility. That’s why we asked for the community’s feedback as we plan for the future of transportation in Gilbert. Here’s what you had to say:

The results are based on responses collected on our transportation poll. 

Community Feedback Period: January 3-13, 2019

Total Number of Submissions: 2,814


According to the Census, 51% of residents in Gilbert are female. 

Age Group

Gilbert has a median age of 33.6 and 68 percent of the population under the age of 45.

Zip Code

For reference, area codes 85233, 85234, 85296, and 85295 are north of Loop 202 (South Mountain Freeway). Area codes 85297 and 85298 are south of Loop 202.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are motorized scooters that you can rent by downloading an app on your phone. You use a map on the app to find a nearby scooter, scan the barcode to unlock, and go for a ride. These scooters are dockless, which means they can be picked up and parked at the user’s discretion, such as neighborhoods, sidewalks, parks, etc. Popular electric scooter companies in Arizona include Bird and Lime.

Dockless, Ride Share Bikes

Dockless, ride share bikes are bikes that do not have a designated parking or rack location. Similar to the electric scooters, these bikes can be picked up using the map on the company’s app and parked at the user’s discretion, such as neighborhoods, sidewalks, parks, etc.  Popular dockless, ride share bike companies in Arizona include Lime and OFO.

Docked, Ride Share Bikes

Docked, ride share bikes are bikes that require the user to return the bike in designated racks or they will continue to be charged. Popular docked, ride share bike companies in Arizona include Grid.

Autonomous, Self-Driving Vehicles

Autonomous, self-driving vehicles are cars, trucks, or vans that use sensors and software to control, navigate, and drive the vehicle. You may have seen vans such as Waymo testing in Arizona!

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle charging stations supply energy for drivers with electric vehicles. Popular charging stations include Blink Charging, EVSE, and Tesla.

Which of these services would you use?

Users were encouraged to skip this question if they would not use any of the five options listed.

We received and reviewed 1,132 comments that we tagged and grouped into common themes:

Thank you to all of our community members who provided their feedback on the Transportation Poll! We are using this data to help Gilbert gauge public opinion on transportation methods and devices.

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