Gilbert, AZ is a What Works Cities Gold Certified City!

Gilbert is thrilled to be recognized by What Works Cities for our investment in data and transparency to make informed decisions in 2021.

Learn more about the data behind being a What Works Cities gold-certified city and an example Alex connecting the dots to bring the community together.

Transportation and Facilities

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Latest Stories and Dashboards

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2020 Census Results

The 2020 Decennial Census is complete. The data below represents the local-level results, which are used by states to redraw ...
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2021 National Community Survey Results

2021 National Community Survey Results September 2021 When it comes to planning to be the City of the Future, Gilbert ...
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Community Feedback: Cosmo Dog Park Survey

In June 2021, Gilbert gathered feedback on maintenance, improvements, and events at Cosmo Dog Park located at the northeast corner ...
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Focus on Preventing Falls: Gilbert Fire & Rescue Tackles Its Most Common Call

In our 2019 National Citizen Survey, you told us that safety is one of your top priorities. So as we plan for our future, we ...
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Data Dots

Quick, short insights about Gilbert, Arizona.

How Gilbert Reduced 3+ Million Pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions

First things first What's CNG (compressed natural gas)? CNG is a low-cost, clean-burning fuel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ...
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Financial Check-In (2020-2021)

The past year has been an unusual and unprecedented time. But in it, Gilbert continued to grow with new residents ...
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Gilbert’s Gone Virtual for Plan Review, Permitting and Inspections

At a time when municipalities have a backlog on permitting requests, Gilbert, AZ is moving seamlessly ahead. Embracing technology and ...
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Slimming Down on Bulk Trash

Are home reorganization and improvement shows inspiring you to refresh your space? Before throwing household items away in bulk trash, ...
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