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Slimming Down on Bulk Trash

Are home reorganization and improvement shows inspiring you to refresh your space? Before throwing household items away in bulk trash, follow these quick tips to upcycle or recycle.  

Gilbert’s bulk trash program is a resident service for items that are too large to fit in your trash container and, this year, we’ve seen an increase of the service being used in the community. For example, in 2020 so far, we have collected 14,865 tons (or 29,730,000 pounds) of bulk trash, which is 27% more trash compared to this time last year. 

All items picked up in our bulk trash program are taken to a landfill, but many items placed in bulk trash piles, such as furniture and cardboard, can be donated to a nonprofit organization or recycled. Donating and recycling can benefit the community, local organizations, and the environment, making Gilbert a clean and more sustainable community. 

Below are the top three items found in bulk trash piles that can be donated or recycled. Help reduce landfill waste and follow these tips:  

Gently Used Furniture 

Household Items (bicycles, sports equipment, cabinets, etc.)

  • We don’t collect construction or remodeling debris, however appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, water heaters, and air conditioners are collected and recycled. To schedule a large appliance pickup, call Customer Service at (480) 503-6400 before noon on the Tuesday of your bulk pickup week. 


  • Cardboard can be broken down and put in your recycling bins.  

Learn more about bulk trash, recycling, and more services in Gilbert at

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