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Gilbert’s Gone Virtual for Plan Review, Permitting and Inspections

At a time when municipalities have a backlog on permitting requests, Gilbert, AZ is moving seamlessly ahead. Embracing technology and developing safety procedures, for both clients and town staff, Gilbert’s Development Services Department has been able to keep up with the increase of permitting needs for businesses throughout the global pandemic.

With a 99% success rate of achieving deadlines for project feedback, Gilbert has continued to not only meet but exceed expectations, even with an increase in commercial and residential permits.

Since 2019, Gilbert has seen a 20.6% increase in residential permits and 2.1% increase in commercial permits.

Additionally, by moving all necessary documentation for permitting to online in January, ahead of the global pandemic, Gilbert has been able to keep the standard turnaround time of 13 business days for commercial projects and 12 business days for residential projects. 

Virtual inspections have become a huge asset for Gilbert and have helped keep projects moving forward, despite the challenges that other municipalities have faced due to COVID-19. As of February 2021, Gilbert’s Development Services Department has conducted over 5,000 virtual inspections.

Gilbert’s Development Services Department offers the following Plan Review Programs:

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