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Gilbert in Square Miles

Did you know Gilbert is larger in square miles than Miami, and San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.?

To calculate a large area, like the approximate area of a city or town, units such as square miles are commonly used.

A square mile is equal to the area of a square with sides that measure 1 mile.

Gilbert’s planning boundary is 72.6 square miles.

The planning boundary is defined by surrounding jurisdiction (or city) boundaries and sets Gilbert’s growth limit. It includes parcels (a tract or plot of land) under Gilbert’s jurisdiction, Maricopa County islands, and public rights-of-way (roads, railroads, canals, etc.), totaling 72.6 square miles.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Gilbert’s jurisdiction: 56.18 square miles
    • Parcels under Gilbert’s jurisdiction such as parks, residential, businesses, etc. This excludes all Maricopa County (county island) parcels and public rights-of-way.
  • Maricopa County’s jurisdiction: 3.64 square miles
  • Gilbert’s public rights-of-way: 12.78 square miles
    • This area includes areas such as public roads, railroads, canals, etc. within Gilbert’s planning boundary. This excludes parcels of land from Gilbert or Maricopa County.

Please note all numbers are subject to change as the Town continues to grow.

U.S. Census Bureau

Why does the Census report Gilbert’s land area as around 69 square miles?

The land area does not include the Maricopa County islands, which are included in our planning boundary. Thus, the land area in square miles equals Gilbert’s jurisdiction (56.18) plus the Gilbert rights-of-way (12.78), rounding to 69 square miles.

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