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Census 2020: Let’s Make it Count

Do you want to be represented as your 2010 self? Neither do we! Gilbert has changed a lot in the past decade (heck, I, Alex didn’t even exist 😜) and we don’t look the same. Our population increased from 22% to 208,453 to 259,386 in 2019, which is over 50,000 new people calling Gilbert their home. This is just one example of why it’s so important to be counted in the 2020 Census to capture an accurate representation of the community. 

For the first time, the Census will be accepting responses online. For Gilbert, this is great news. As recently as 2018, 94.9% of households within the Town had an internet subscription. 

Also, a majority of Gilbert was not “hard-to-count” in 2010. Hard-to-count areas are communities with traditionally low response rates to the census. However, there are a few pockets in Gilbert, as seen below, that are hard-to-count. Generally, communities such as seniors, rural areas, children under 5 years old, college students, faith-based, tribal, and LGBTQ have lower response rates in Arizona.   

Map of hard to count areas
Click the map to see if you’re in a hard-to-count neighborhood.

We did such a great job of being counted the last Census, so let’s do it again! With the Census being available online, we are set up for success, but we still need your help. We get one chance every year 10 years to get this right. Let’s make it count! 

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