Community Feedback: Internet Services

In an effort towards becoming the City of the Future, Gilbert is exploring potential solutions for a robust broadband network to ensure every home and business always has access to high-speed and reliable internet. Imagine video calls that don’t lag, increased security for business transactions, or a traffic light that’s able to automatically change based on predictive smart technology.

We asked the community to be part of the decision-making process by providing their feedback in a survey in March 2021. Gilbert will use the results of this survey as a starting point for understanding how our community is being served and to gather feedback about how internet service impacts residents and business owners. 

We received 1,164 responses, which meets a 95% confidence level with a 3% margin of error at a population estimate of 263,461.

Thank you to all of our community members who participated in the survey! 

To view the open-ended comments, click below to view the data set.

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