Gilbert is a What Works Cities 2021 Gold Certified City!

What Works Cities Gold 2021 Certified City


Hi, I’m Alex! I’m here to help tell Gilbert, Arizona’s story through the use of data. I can give you information and show you trends and statistics about community safety, growth and development, recreation and culture, finance and operations, and transportation and facilities using Gilbert’s real data. I’m here to help you connect the dots.

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Gilbert's FY2020 Focus Areas

Prosperous Community
  • Public Safety Training Facility
  • Bike Lane Safety Improvements
  • 2020 General Plan Update
  • 311 Response
  • Signature Event
  • Micro-mobility Strategy
Strong Economy
  • NW Corridor Redevelopment
  • Destination Event
  • AAA GO Rating
  • Sales Tax Diversification
Exceptional Built Environment
  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • Commuter Rail Stations
  • Gilbert Regional Park
  • Desert Sky Park
  • Shade & Streetscape Masterplan
  • LRIP & LRIP Funding Policy
  • Fiber Optic Masterplan Update